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Tuesday, 30 December 2008

On the Sixth Day of Christmas.....

"On the sixth day of Christmas,
my true love sent to me
Six geese a-laying,
Five golden rings,
Four calling birds,
Three French hens,
Two turtle doves,
And a partridge in a pear tree."
(Or could it refer to the six days of creation?)
I have not long been home from an evening out with my son Christopher, Jane, Korenza, Charlotte, hubby Andy and my good friend Cheryl & family. We have had a lovely meal and the dress rehearsal went well. After a stressful afternoon (the dress shop was closed so we couldn't pick up Jane's dress!!!!!!, the cake was late!!! and we forgot to get the car ribbon!!!) it was great to see my good friend of over 30 years. Cheryl still lives up in Nottinghamshire and her children I have known since they were born. Her son is a day older than Christopher (24) and his sister 22. Her partner Alan is lovely and it just felt like I had seen them only yesterday, although it was May when we last saw each other. It's great to relax with people who know you so well and you can just be yourself......Just a last few things to do then I'm off to my bed. Lets hope tomorrow is sunny like today....lol...

"Friendship happens in that special moment
when someone reaches out to another,
trusts, comforts, believes in another,
and makes a special differencethat no one else can make".


Olde Dame Penniwig said...

I hope the day does turn out to be sunny! Good luck to ye, & ye are so right -- it's nice to be with those who know (and accept) us inside and out, nothing like olde friends!

Anonymous said...

Ohh, how wonderful to se each other again..nothing like old friends.
Good luck with the rest of the preperations..it will all fall into place. My thoughts are with you on this special occasion. Don't forget photos..lol
Love to you all, Ann.xx
PS HAppy New Year,

KernowWitch said...

Thank you Holly, we had a great day. Some pics, etc in my next posting. Had a lovely, fun time with my friend, didn't want her to go so soon. I see them as my family....hugs Chrissy x

KernowWitch said...

Great to see you here Ann. Thanks for your good wishes. It was a busy, busy time and flew by. My son is now a married man and father, wow!....Special hugs & a Happy New Year to you and yours dear friend...Chrissy xx