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Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Remembering My Cat Mr Darcy



Hello Everyone, just a quick visit today. I don't know if you recall my beautiful ginger puss cat called Mr Darcy but it is two years today since he passed away. I still miss him so much and feel cheated that he died only aged 7 years. But he was suffering and I could not allow that to happen. So to mark his life I am remembering him here today....

Mr Darcy, my beautiful furry friend

The other day my dear friend Hilary had a lovely surprise for me, a photograph of Mr Darcy that was given to her by a neighbour. Hilary also used to have a ginger cat that looked very similar to Mr Darcy and her neighbour took this photograph thinking it was her cat Kevin.....how do we know it's Mr Darcy? Kevin was very reserved and would never approach children. I will admit I shed a few tears when I saw the photograph but what a special unexpected gift to have. Kevin passed a few months before Mr Darcy but Hilary and I like to think that they are still playing together in cat heaven...(I have not shown the child fully in the photograph because I have not asked the parents permission to do so...)

My gentle, sweet Mr Darcy

Thank you for sharing this day with me. People who know me know how dotty I am about my furry family who are part of who I am. To lose one is to lose part of me. God Bless Mr Darcy.


Until next time, take care...Hugs Chrissy xx

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