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Friday, 11 July 2008

My First Award

Hello from the Hovel and where is the sun!!! It is still July or have we skipped summer. I know we haven't any control over the weather but it seems such a long time since we had a good old British summer. Well at least we won't be having a hose pipe ban!!!!!

But I do have something to smile about......After a week of being poorly I had not been on my computer much so before going to bed I decided to check my emails. Imagine my surprise when I read a message from Annette of Fairy Shoes and Other Things. Not only was it great to hear from her but she had sent me an award....Wow my first. I feel honoured as I am recently new to this blogging stuff and love doing it but didn't think my blog warranted an award....So thank you Annette I'm really chuffed, so much in fact it made me forget for a moment that I have the cold from hell...LOL.....

Now you must visit Annette's blog, she makes the most amazing things and like me she is also a Brit!!!! Her blog is varied and great to read, well find out what I mean by visiting yourselves for a while, you won't be disappointed......visit Annette at: http://rowanspatch.blogspot.com/

The great thing about this award is that I now pass it on to other blogs that I enjoy visiting...the only problem being is that I like so many....so which ones? I would love to pass one back to Annette but thought I would say thanks with these two 'awards' from me......

Blue Fairy on a Dragonfly

Green Pixie

Once an award is received the rules are as follows:
1/ Put the Logo on your blog.
2/ Add a link to the person who nominated you.
2/ Nominate up to 7 other blogs.
3/ Add a link to those blogs on your blog.
Now as I've said I'm new to blogging and although I can do links using the 'page element' I have not idea how to just put a person's name with their link in the body of this email....so if anyone can tell me how I would appreciate it (told you I was not very technical).....So I will list the blogs below and would you please click on 'Blogs I like to Visit' to link to their blogs....ta muchly...hehe..
Michelle & Nette at The Primitive Pear
Debra at Pilgrims and Pioneers
Leanne at The Stitching Room
Monica at Rust 'n' Dust
Kady at Stoney Hill Cabin Chronicles
Pam at Goldie Loo Woodworks
Do visit my fav blogs and if you're like me make yourself a coffee and enjoy your visits......talking of coffee I am off now to make myself a cappuccino.........I'm back and as I'm now wide awake I will browse a while myself while I enjoy my coffee....until next time....lol...


Monica said...

Awww, thanks Chrissy! Love your blog too, so interesting, I love all the history..... Mon x

KernowWitch said...

Thanks Mon, we can be award buddies now...hehe...
Hope it's a bit warmer for you!!!....Hugs Chrissy xx

Annette said...

Hi Chrissy, sorry to hear you've been poorly.Get well soon.
So pleased you liked the award, your blog is great and you deserve it!
Thanks for the lovely awards you sent to me!Bless you.

KernowWitch said...

Thanks Annette, the constant wet weather hasn't helped...cough! cough!...hehe..
I know you like faries & pixies so I looked on the web & found them, the link can be seen in 'Links' on my blog....hence my little 'awards' for you...lol...Hugs Chrissy x

Genie said...

Welcome to blogland, and congrats on your award. from Jean a next door neighbour in Devon

Leanne said...

Thank you Chrissy.

KernowWitch said...

Thanks Jean, nice to meet you neighbour. I'm off now to look at your blog..lol...Hugs Chrissy x

KernowWitch said...

My pleasure Leanne...Hugs Chrissy x

~GoldieLoo Woodworks~ said...

Congratulations Chrissy and thanks for passing the award down to me ! :)~~Pam

KernowWitch said...

Thanks Pam, my pleasure....Hugs Chrissy x