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Monday, 7 July 2008

Memorial Plaques Found

Hello from the Hovel...What wet weather we have had over the weekend, felt more like autumn than summer... And to top it all I have a cough and cold, so please could we have some sun!!!!! But the good news is that the stolen Memorial Plaques were found last week. The bad news is that the first one, found in Plymouth, was cut into four pieces. A local dealer reported it to the police when it was handed to him. The other three plaques were later found in Somerset, two intact but one damaged. It is very sad that two have been damaged but at least they have been found and hopefully the ones responsible will be punished......until next time...lol..





Annette said...

Hi Chrissy,I'm so pleased they've been found.
I've left an award for you on my blog, Pop over and have a look.

KernowWitch said...

Oh Annette thank you. I was pleased to see a comment from you in my email box but imagine my surprise when I realised you had left me an award...Wow my first...
I love your blog. Apart from being a Brit like me we seemed to like the same things....Once again thank you....Hugs Chrissy x