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Friday, 25 July 2008

And So The Wedding Plans Begin

Hello there, nice to see you here at the Hovel....This week we have been blessed with glorious sunshine and only had rain late Thursday night. So hubby and I certainly made hay while the sun shone, well piles of weeds, etc, to be exact....so off to the tip this weekend. The only downside of the sun shining is that it shows me that my windows want cleaning!!! But I didn’t think of housework when I took a break from gardening with a trip into Penzance on Wednesday. The trains were pretty full because holidaymakers are already down here. Hopefully we will have more good weather so I can get all the outside jobs done.....

As you can imagine the main topic of conversation this week has been about plans for my son’s forthcoming marriage in December....not long when you think about it. But as with most wedding plans the details have been mostly discussed by his girlfriend and me....Don’t you just love talking about flowers, wedding dress, etc, and all that goes with it. They have decided to get married in a local registry office but still have all the trimmings that go with weddings, especially the bride....

Vintage Postcard of West Bridgford Hall, Nottinghamshire
The Registry Office where I got married in 1996
The Greenhouse is no longer there


Talking of wedding accessories and traditions got me thinking (you know where I’m going with this!!!)...Regardless of where a marriage is performed or the age of the couple concerned, there is usually some traditional item seen.....obviously the clothing but we see a horseshoe, the bridal bouquet and a garter. Confetti is thrown over the newly married couple wherever they may be. Superstition is also associated with weddings, even today.....but why?
We all know the rhythm:
‘Something Old, Something New,
Something Borrowed, Something Blue
and a silver sixpence in her shoe’
Now I didn’t know about the ‘silver sixpence in her shoe’.....and yes you’ve guessed it, my future daughter-in-law likes the idea of a sixpence in her shoe! Now where’s that box of coins...
Obviously taken between 1914-1919...
Did this new bride have a silver sixpence in her shoe?
The word Wedding comes from the Old English "weddian" to promise, to marry or a derivation of "wedd" meaning a pledge... Just be grateful that today we are normally asked if we would like to get married and then a date is set. Pity the poor girl in early marriages who would be kidnapped by the groom and taken away from her tribe.... then again I suppose if she was willing it wouldn’t have been so bad!!!! Fortunately we have progressed from this. However it is not that long ago that it was customary for the gentleman to seek approval from the father of his intended. Today it’s more relaxed, a marriage proposal is made and if accepted the couple become engaged, usually with a ring. It was believed at one time that the groom purchased the engagement ring to demonstrate his financial commitment to his lady. But to the Egyptians the engagement band was a symbol of eternal love for one another. I like the latter as to me an engagement ring is a symbol of commitment to a loved one.....
The happy couple here at the Hovel have already made that commitment and have the ring. We are planning to have a small engagement party to celebrate this special occassion with them. The next event before the wedding is of course the Hen and Stag nights.....I dread to think what my son’s friends have planned for him......

This custom of a Stag party originated from Ancient Greece where Spartan soldiers would celebrate with their male friends the night before their wedding day. The idea behind this was to offer reassurance that although he was about to embark on married life he would not forget their friendship. Much merriment, drinking and noise would be made in attempt to ward off evil spirits....much like today really...
The Hen night, unlike the Stag party, was originally an opportunity for the bride’s friends and family to visit where she lived. It was usually a quite affair, which can’t be said for Hen nights today. I recently went on a Hen night here in Hayle and it was far from quite.....

From the marriage proposal until the wedding day itself plans are made by the couple and family. It may take only weeks or many years. With hubby & I it took eight weeks and a grand time was had by all. My two have five months and thankfully the dress is chosen and the suit ready, reception more or less booked and cake and flowers in the pipeline. This couple (or should I say Jane) are not hanging about.....but what made them decide to get married on New Year’s Eve..........until next time...lol....

‘It’s so great to find that one special person you want
to annoy for the rest of your life’...
‘May she share everything with her husband,
including the housework’


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, how exciting Chrissy...such a wonderful time. I'm sure the way the plans are going already, that it will all fall into place, without a hitch.
Can't wait till the next installment..i am now wondering why they did choose New Years Eve..lol..
Till next time then..
luv Ann.xx

KernowWitch said...

Great to hear from you Ann....well you know what I'm like, I hope I don't bore people too much coz I will be talking about it for months...but will put other snippets with it..
Now talking with Jane about all the traditional things I mentioned a ring pillow/cushion. Yep, I've offered to make one...plus I mentioned a Dorothy bag....Jane likes the idea of that too....so guess what I'll be doing....lol...Hugs Chrissy x
P.S. Will tell you about New Year's Eve soon...hehe...

Mandie said...

Hi Chrissy!

Thanks so much for dropping a hello! Stop on over anytime!! :)


KernowWitch said...

Thanks Mandie. I do like visiting your blog so I drop in quite a lot...Hugs Chrissy xx