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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Happy Birthday to My Gorgeous Granddaughter


Happy 4th birthday to my adorable granddaughter Korenza...and what a good day she had at Bombadingas. I know, what a name for a soft play area for children..lol.. She loved playing there with her brothers, parents, cousins, grandparents and friends.....

Happy Birthday Sweetheart

I took lots of photos but I was very disappointed with most of them. I don't know what I did wrong but most of them were blurred!!!!!

A little blurred but I love the look of joy on her face...

Dylan's having fun too....

The birthday cake made by mummy....and it was yummy too..

'Now do I sneak some more'

'Ok, just a little more'

'Now for an official slice of cake'

Presents from Nana & Granddad

'Oh, what is it'

'Is it what I think it is'

'Can I open it now please'

'Right, now for the next one'

It was lovely to share Korenza's birthday with her and spend time with family and friends. Children grow up so quickly and these times are precious....

Until next time, take care...Hugs Chrissy xx


Angel said...

Aww happy birthday to her! :D

KernowWitch said...

Thank you Angel, I will tell her when I see her tomorrow...Hugs Chrissy x