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Monday, 5 November 2012

Guy Fawkes Night, Better Known as Bonfire Night

‘Remember, Remember the Fifth of November’....I hope you all had a safe evening. I have mixed feelings about the use of fireworks. As a child I loved watching them burst into a cascade of colour....

My favourite was the Catherine Wheel (I didn’t know then that it referred to Saint Catherine of Alexandria who was martyred in the early 4th century!!!!!)....

Saint Catherine of Alexandria

Catherine Wheel
I can still remember the street bonfires we had in Nottingham when I was a child. We would collect wood, etc, for weeks before and would wait with excitement for Bonfire Night. All the neighbours would contribute something towards the event and everyone would enjoy the evening....

Another favourite of mine was sparklers and I will admit I still like them today. You can wave them around and make pretty patterns...I know but there is a child in all of us still...

Who can remember ‘Penny for the Guy’. All of us children would make a guy and not a street corner would be seen without one. Although my sister and I were allowed to make one, we were not allowed to take it out on the street and ask for ‘Penny for the Guy’, my mother saw it as begging. I suppose it was but to a child it was disappointing to see their friends being allowed to do so...

Little did Guy Fawkes know that his act of Treason on November 5 1605 would still be remembered each year with a display of fireworks and bonfires...

Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes, Guy.
Hit him in the eye,
Hang him on a lamp-post
And leave him there to die.
Umbrella down the cellar
There I saw a naked fella
Burn his body, save his soul
Please give me a lump of coal;
If a lump of coal won’t do
Please give me half a penny,
The up and down the Drapery
Round and round the Market square,
Guy Fawkes, Guy.
Not a nice poem I know but one of many that was penned about Guy Fawkes.....
Until next time, take care...Hugs Chrissy xx

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