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Thursday, 17 November 2011

A Cup of Tea in the Rain...



Thanks for dropping in at the Hovel. The days are certainly wet and colder here in Cornwall, which is to be expected with winter just around the corner....


Well, I have had a busy few weeks, especially when I was preparing to have a hand operation. Yep, back for another op. I've never been to a hospital so much as I have in the last two years, if not for me then for a member of my family. I joke I should have a room named after me..lol..


I was only in for the day thankfully and fortunately they were able to do it this time. I was booked in to have my hand operated on in October but I had a cold so they sent me home. Luckily I only live ten minutes walk from the hospital, St. Michaels in Hayle, a lovely hospital with brilliant staff.

The reason for the op was that I had a trigger finger and a large splinter embedded in my thumb, thankfully both on the right hand...Yep it hurt when the local wore off and I also had a general anesthestic. You can imagine the fun I had with being right-handed!!!! Hubby was a gem though, especially the first few days when I had to wear a sling...

Cumbersome thing!!!!

The guilty hand

Thankfully it is on the mend but I am still limitted with certain actions, carrying bags, etc. But it doesn't stop me having a drink of tea or coffee, as can be seen below....

Yes, you guessed correctly, it is outside in the rain!!! But I was sat under a umbrella..lol.. I was in Camborne waiting for my son who was attending a family meeting. Yep, he is a single-parent again but with three children this time. It's been a difficult time as you can imagine but he is coping brilliantly....

At least I had some greenery to look at while waiting...

It will be sometime before I sit outside drinking tea again however...

Talking about cafes brings to mind another favourite one of mine. I have mentioned Johnny's Cafe in Hayle before but did not show any photos, so I will now....

Johnny's Cafe across from Hayle Harbour on a warmer day..

A place to relax and have a coffee and cake...Yes that is sunlight you can see!

Discovered during renovations so the owner decided to leave it like this, I'm glad she did..

Old school desk. I feel old, I had one very similar when I was a school!!

Nice rusty radiator

The cafe was originally a house and next door was a organic shop owned by the same person. The owner decided to knock through downstairs and open a cafe. As she did she discovered some interesting features and left them as they were. All furnishings are mis-matched and work well together. I would love to live somewhere similar...hang on I do, it's called the Hovel..lol..Seriously, if you like rustic you will love this place....

Another gem revealed, hidden behind years of paper and plaster..

To the Ladies we go..

On a wall inside the Ladies, an appropriate saying..lol..

Great baby-changing area..

Now I'd like to take you outside to show you where I usually sit with a hot drink or snack....

I may sit here so I can look towards the beach in the distance..

Or I may sit here so I can glance across towards the harbour to see the boats waiting for the tide to come in...

Interesting seating but I've never sat here

I love this table..

Well, unless it remains dry I will not be having tea and cakes outside for a while. Until next time, take care...Hugs Chrissy xx

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