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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Sad Times For Britain But Cornwall is Still Beautiful



Hello from Cornwall, sorry I have been quite of late. The intention to blog has been there but life has a habit of getting in the way. There have been many reasons why I have not posted as regularly as I would have liked but those reasons pale in comparison to what has occured in my country this last week. Shocked, appalled, angry and disgusted with some of my countrymen is putting it mildly. The enormity of the scale of destruction was hard to comprehend. What began in London spread with such speed throughout the country and resulted in what can only be described as a War Zone. My heart went out to those innocent people who had to stand back in horror as they watched their world crash about them. Lives have been lost, people beaten up and robbed, homes, business and belongings destroyed. And all because man's greed and uncontrollable violence took over this land. Sadly our Green and Pleasant Land became Dark and Ugly.......


One such event symbolizes the extent of the destruction. A building which housed a family business for nearly 150years no longer stands. This building which had survived two world wars and whose business had survived the 1930's Great Depression was destroyed in a matter of hours by one man who chose to set fire to it. Thankfully this man has been caught and charged. But for the Reeves family nothing will compensate for their lost....

House of Reeves 1890 (curtsey of their website)

The House of Reeves Furniture Store was founded in 1867 by Edwin Reeves, a barrel maker from Sherbone in Dorset. It was one of the oldest landmarks of Croydon. So much was it a part of this town that the corner on which the shop stood was called Reeves Corner....

(Curtsey of the House of Reeves Website)

And there it proudly stood for nearly 150 years until the day a man decided to burn it down....

(Curtsey of BBC News London)

This once Proud Building is no more (Curtsey of BBC News London)

I would like to say how proud I am of the Public Services who were outstanding, Thank You.


Sadly the knock-on effects of this weeks events will continue for years. We are already in a economical and enviromental mess, this just might be one of the last nails in the coffin for Britain.


Now for something cheerful because life does go on......My family are doing well dispite my son having had his car stolen and set fire to (no this wasn't the riots it was some weeks ago!!). It was a shock and I was very angry because the car obviously belonged to someone with children. But I will not rant here.....

Christopher and his partner Dee with Dylan, Blake and Korenza July 3 2011

Blake is growing well as are all of my grandies. But not content with having three young children Christopher and Dee decided to rescue two small dogs, Maggie and JD. What Maggie failed to woof in their ears was that she was with pup.....six to be precise...

The Pups are now 4 weeks old and Maggie is a brilliant mother

You would think that would be enough, they thought so too but add one ex- stepmother of Dee's to the pot and what you get is a much larger dog coming for the weekend and being abandoned.....hence Menace the Rottweiler is now part of their family..

He is a soft sweetheart

JD the Proud Daddy

So I am now the proud grandmother of nine furry canine..lol..

Beautiful Summer Scene

This beautiful photograph of my local beach was taken by Lucy, my niece's friend. Yes, my niece Beth and Lucy came from Eastbourne to spend a few days with me. They are both 16 and just left school and wanted a break before starting college in September. It was great having them and we had some fun days out. One of the places I took them too was Hell's Mouth. Although much smaller Hell's Mouth has the same reputation as Beachy Head at Eastbourne....unfortunately a place known for suicides....

Beth on the left with Lucy

A Part of Hell's Mouth, the drop is steeper than it looks here

Beth too Close to the Edge for my Comfort!!!

Beautiful but Deadly at Times

Can you see the nose at the top of the cliff!!

Cornwall at it's best

Rugged Cliff Side

Hell's Mouth Cafe where we had an ice-cream

Beautiful Wild Heather

I forget the name of these flowers, can anyone enlighten me?

Is it a Butterfly or a Moth?

Our next port of call was the Baptistry and Holy Well at Madron, near Penzance.....

Trees on the way

Clouties tied to a tree near Madron Well

Beth and Lucy

Here the walk ends I'm afraid. I will be continuing this trek shortly on my other blog Away With The Faerys. I think I've rambled on here long enough..lol..

One of the three dogs that came to say hello.

There is a story attached to this dog which I will tell you about in my next posting....Until next time take care..Hugs Chrissy x


Lora said...

Those photos were beautiful. The story about the destroyed furniture business sums up the entire terrible episode.

KernowWitch said...

Thank you Lora. There were so many horrific accounts I couldn't name them all. The photographs of my family and Cornwall represent the beauty of our country and hope for the future. Hugs Chrissy x

OzRose said...

Congrats Grandma!! Pictures are fab as always. Hoping to see some of it in the flesh at the end of this month! (The Cornish countryside that is!)

KernowWitch said...

Thanks Rose...So you are coming to Cornwall. It's a beautiful county. September is usally a good month, hope the weather is good for you. Have a safe journey..Hugs Chrissy x